Korean Party Food Set 한식 파티세트 (6-8 person)

$1,688.00 $1,488.00

Fish Rice Cake Stick 떡 오뎅꼬치 x16pcs
Deep fried Korean-Style Dumpling 한식 만두 튀긴 x16pcs

Gwangju Brass Bowl Chicken 광주 돈그릇 치킨
Deep-fried Crispy Chicken with HOME MADE Yuza Honey Spicy Sauce 프라이드 치킨 과 자몽 매운 소스 x16pcs

Korean Style Stir-fried Glass Noodles with Beef (Japchae) 쇠고기잡채
Seaweed Sesame Rice Ball 참깨 주먹밥 x16pcs
Spicy Stir-fried Seafood Noodles 해물볶음짬뽕

Korean Style Red Beans Soup with Ricecake 떡팥죽

Terms and Conditions:
1. We only accept advance order at least 4 working days prior to the delivery date.
2. Changes need to be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date or else KOLB LIFE will not be able to reschedule or cancel.
4. KOLB.LIFE reserves right for the final decision on above clauses.

Delivery Date and Time: Mon – Sun 1100-1400 / 1500-1900
*Package price already included delivery charge.
**Delivery time should falls under 2 time slots provided above but NO specific time can be arranged.  One order goes to one delivery location only.
***Due to Covid-19 current situation, delivery will only pass over the food at building lobby but not to the specific unit.
We CANNOT delivery to Peak, Standley, Sai Kung, Tung Chong, Lantau Island, Chek Lap Kok,  Ma Wan and Discovery Bay.  For villages, we can only deliver upto the village entrance.

Location without elevator, additional charges may occured and need to let us know in advance.

Carpark fee does not inncluded above, customer need to pay the driver/delivery staff when needs.
Service Hotline: 852-2818 3770 / 90613579
Office Hour: Mon-Fri 0900-1800

惹味年糕魚串 떡 오뎅꼬치 x16pcs
脆炸韓式餃子 한식 만두 튀긴 x16pcs

光州銅盆雞 광주 돈그릇 치킨
脆炸春雞配自家制柚子辣汁 프라이드 치킨 과 자몽 매운 소스 x16pcs

韓式牛肉炒粉絲 쇠고기잡채
紫菜麻香飯糰 참깨 주먹밥 x16pcs
海鮮辣炒拉麵 해물볶음짬뽕

韓式年糕紅豆湯 떡팥죽


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