Stir-fly Cauliflower with Salmon (Mush Food)


Our chef specially designed a series of mush food, it is not a dream to eat all over the world! Salmon, a common ingredient in western food, can help invigorate the spleen and stomach. Cauliflower is rather low in calories and contains protein, fiber and various vitamins. We cook this like normal dishes, pan sear the salmon first then smash that into small bites. With the remaining fish oil, we stir-fly the cauliflower with seasoning then blend that into mush food. We keep the original taste with original cooking method. We aim to have elderly to taste the same dish as others, to let them enjoy the joy of eating. Just put this whole pack into boiling water for boiling 10-12 minutes then you are ready to eat. It is safe and reliable.

150g (Frozen Food Pack)

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