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Handmade Lotus Cilantro Siu Mai (Vegan)


We strive to create unique and healthy tastes with all our hearts and minds, and constantly improve and produce extraordinary yam Siu Mai. Some Siu Mai made with cilantro will be more ‘unloaded’, but after research and development by the team, fresh lotus root diced, fresh yam and tapioca flour are added the handmade Siu Mai, not only does not ‘unload’ but also tastes very good , and the crispy lotus root grains in the Siu Mai make it more layered when eating. 100% Made in Hong Kong.

**Siu Mai skin uses natural turmeric powder instead of eggs, so vegan friends can also share.

Reheat by steaming for 10-15 minutes, rest for a minute before eating would gives you even a better texture to experience! Perfect match with simply adding soy sauce, chili oil or raddish.

(Vegan Product) (Allium Free Product)

300g+ (12pcs Frozen Food Pack)

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