KOLB·LIFE products covers Chinese-style & Western-style soups, non-herbal drinks and other food products, all manufactured at its own production facilities in Hong Kong. With our strict production quality control system together with the No Additive approach, we ensure our customers’ safety and happiness. 

The innovative capability of Key Opinions Leaders (KOLs) and the manufacturing professionalism of KOLB·LIFE combined roll out popular products to meet evolving consumer preferences. Through digitalisation, the whole cooking process will be recorded by the Smart Glasses. The videos, together with corresponding dates and times, will then be stored in our cloud server ensure our customer safety concern are under covered. 

KOLB·LIFE endeavours to incorporate KOLs, Sharing Economy and Technology into an online Bento (lunchboxes) ordering platform, creating an advanced, convenient electronic ordering platform and spark a revolution in the industry.



Mr. Johnson LO

CEO and Executive Director
Mr. Lo is one of the Group’s founders and is responsible for overall direction, business strategy, market research, marketing, product development and corporate communication.

Mr. Matthew WONG

Mr. Wong is one of the Group’s founders and is responsible for the overall financial operations including formulating financial strategies and plans, compiling budgets and financial reporting and investor relations.
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According to the Hong Kong government’s the Centre for Food Safety, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department guidance, bacteria or viruses are most likely to grow within the temperature range 4°C to 60°C. To maintain food safety and hygiene, KOLB·LIFE uses food warmer cart and food storage locker which keep the lunchboxes in 60°C above during carriage and delivering, and thus is confident in our food quality.

Food Safety Qualification

KOLB·LIFE stresses the importance of healthy eating and food safety. The food factory managed by our group has be rewarded the HACCP and ISO 22000 certification (soup and drinks category), and no MSG and preservatives are added to our products. 


SIMPLY WE CARE. We are treasuring and protecting every single brilliant individual without boundaries. Giving back to society and the environment. Inspiring and enlightening new talents for our future. At KOLB LIFE, the ideology of social responsibility is closely associated with our daily business.


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